Reverse Bets might save you in your sportsbetting endeavors

If you are making bets for the first time, you might find the reverse bets very confusing; on the other hand, you can make these kinds of bets on all team sports. These reverse bets are a spin-off of if bets. In these if wagers, you will bet on certain amounts with two teams on your ticket. When the first team wins, an equal amount will be placed on the second game. In an event where the first team comes short, you will not have action on the other game. With the reverse kind of wagers, you are able to make equivalent of two if bets.

With the if bets, you can have a bet on Baltimore Ravens at -7 and over 4 in the Jaguars-Panthers game. If your first bet wins, you will have action on the following game, but if it loses, your bet ends. With a reverse bet, it is basically two separate if bets, it is possible to have both of them executed with the same teams but in opposite order for $55.

Let your bookie know that you want to place a reverse bet, give them the two teams you want to place the bets on. In this case, the sequence of the game will not be an issue anymore. The only huddle we have to overcome in if bets are the arbitrary nature of which bet you need to list first. In the reverse bets, this is not an issue at all.

There are a couple of sportsbetting sites out there offering reverse bets, contact any of their customer support representatives to find out whether they offer these.

Reverse bets broken down

It's simple, betting $55 reverse instead of a $110 if bet makes things easy for you so you do not have to worry about the game ending at a draw and losing your bet. With a reverse bet, you get to spend the same as you would have spent in an 'if wager'. With a reverse bet of $55 you will end up spending $110 since you will be placing two bets.

With reverse bets, you don't end up becoming a loser all the time. You will get a win in an event any of the two teams wins, as well as, when there is a draw. In regular bets, in an event of a draw, you lose the whole amount. The reverse wager in sportsbetting does not save one the money but allows you to have not to sweat much on the team that will be listed first on the bet.