Exotic Sports Betting

While the most popular bets for sports are the straight bets and the totals bets there are so many other types of exotic sports bets that you can make. The bigger the event the more exotic bets will be available. For example, there are so many proposition bets on the Super Bowl that it is ridiculous. You can bet on if a team will score a safety first in the game or which team will win the coin flip. The bigger the event the more exotic bets will be available, but they many sportsbooks post exotic bets for everyday match ups as well.

No matter what the sport you should find exotic sports betting, but the bigger sports such as football, basketball, baseball, and soccer will have more of them. Many of the exotic bets will be proposition bets wagering on such things as if a player will score Over or Under a certain point value in basketball and which QB in a football game will pass for more yards. All you have to do is check all the sports bets that are available for a game and then make your pick.

Many sports betting websites will have exotic sports bets that really have nothing to do with sports. For example you can make political and entertainment wagers. One of the more popular non-sports wagers in betting on the Oscars, as many books will have odds posted on which actors or films will win awards. Also, when the presidential race heats up you can be sure there will be odds posted on who will win the race.

You can also make more exotic sports bets by making parlay and teaser bets, where you are betting on multiple games in a single bet. There are many sportsbooks that have cross-sports wagers where you can bet on multiple games for different sports. Bets such as these are very profitable if you win, and they do not take a lot of money for a big payout, but they are much harder to win, as you have to win all the games in the bet to make that wager a winning one. No matter what you are looking for in sports betting from typical wagers to exotic sports betting, chances are, you will find them with all the sportsbooks online today.