NFL Pleasers Explained

You have to give it to game makers and their imagination. They can find so many creative ways of sports betting, making the most out of a single event. Take the case of NASCAR Betting. You can bet on the winning driver, or the top three slots, or the performance of one driver over another.

The same is true in a National Football League (or NFL) event, on which you can make pleaser bets. If you are wondering what this is, it is the reverse of a teaser. Therefore, you give away points rather than acquiring points to favor you. A word of caution though as this is not for the faint of heart. Offering the worst odds but correspondingly the highest pay outs, it is most attractive to bettors who thrive on nail-biting suspense, living on the edge and taking on the most risks.

On top of giving away points, pleaser bets have to be made on anywhere from two to ten games. In football betting, getting a single point spread correctly is hard enough. Imagine having to give it away and doing it in two or more games!

But a look at the impressive the pay outs below for a Seven Point Pleaser may make you change your mind:

  • 2 teams 8-1
  • 3 teams 25-1
  • 4 teams 60-1
  • 5 teams 150-1
  • 6 teams 450-1
  • 7 teams 700-1
  • 8 teams 1000-1
  • 9 teams 1350-1
  • 10 teams 1750-1

If you are still having difficulty grasping the concept of the pleaser bet, below illustration assuming the lines for the week may help make it clearer.

  • Chicago +2.5
  • Indianapolis -2.5
  • Washington +6.5
  • New Orleans -6.5
  • Seattle +4
  • Tampa Bay -4

Assuming you want to do a seven point pleaser with two teams, which would pay out 8-1, the lines would then change to

  • Chicago -4.5
  • Indianapolis -9.5
  • Washington -0.5
  • New Orleans-13.5
  • Seattle -3
  • Tampa Bay -11

A quick glance will confirm that whichever teams you ultimately pick out, the odds are just worse for you. But if you are feeling lucky and badly want that high pay out, the pleaser bet may just be your thing.