Sports Futures Odds

If you have a hunch on a team to win a championship or a player to win a tournament than the futures bet is THE one for you. In a futures bet you typically bet on a team, or it can be player like in a tennis tournament, to win the even before it begins. You can get great odds for futures bets and you have to wait for the event to end to see if you have won.

For example, if you think the Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl then you can check on the futures odds at sportsbooks and make you wager. If the broncos are posted at +600 to win the Super Bowl and you bet $10 on them and they do win the Super Bowl you will win $60. It is that easy. You can wager on futures odds before the season takes place to get great odds and you can also bet on futures mid season. However, the odds will change making futures bets during the season depending on how that team is doing. So if the Broncos are at +600 to win the Super Bowl, but they lose their first 3 games of the season their odds will go down. Conversely if they win their first 3-4 games their odds will go up.

When you make a futures bet you are locked into the odds when you make the wager no matter how much they change during the season. So, if you bet on the Broncos to win the Super Bowl at +600 those are the odds you will get no matter how they change during the season. One cool thing about futures bet is that you have action all season, but on the flip side you have to wait until the season is over to see if you have won or not.