Taking a Look at Prop Bets

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Sports betting is popular all over the world, and there is obviously something very challenging about placing a wager within this context. And the competition produces operators that have menus of wagering options that are ever-increasing.

You can bet on almost everything, and it is with this spirit in mind that we discuss a certain kind of wagering that we refer to as a "prop bet," which is short for "proposition." Theoretically, any situation where you can place a wager, whether it is in the sportsbook or a casino, is a proposition; all you need are two or more different results that can be achieved and odds for the payouts on each of those outcomes.

However, for purposes of this discussion, and as per the vernacular of sports betting as it is commonly known, there is a narrower meaning. You can place a bet on either side winning an event, or on the total score (in the case of the four "major"North American team sports, for example). There are first half and second half bets that can also be accessed.

The prop bets we are talking about involve something extra; something that is within a particular event, so to speak. They can involve a certain aspect of an event or a certain participant. And the possibilities are almost endless. We will give you one easy example for prop betting that should be easy to understand. Let's say you love playing blackjack. In addition to the bet placed against the casino, you can make another bet with someone else on the hand's result. For example, you could bet that you will bust or that you will get the same card's number two times. Prop bet can be about anything, and the rules are made between you and the other guy who will accept the bet. While we are at blackjack, you can try real money tables for free at Jackpot City by using their no deposit bonus that you can get at this link.

Some of them are very generic, and may apply to any game that can be played. Take a football or basketball game, for example. At most sportsbooks, you may be able to place a wager on which team is going to score first or which team is going to score last. In the NBA you may find a "race to 20 points,"which could look something like this:

Team A score 1st 20 pts +110 Team B score 1st 20 pts -140

As mentioned, in football, you may find this kind of a prop on which team will score first:

Team A scores first -150 Team B scores first +120

Sometimes in hockey or baseball, you may see a prop called the ""Grand Salami,"" in which the bettor will place a wager on whether the total runs or goals will be over or under a certain number. Here's an example from the NHL:

Over 60.5 Goals -115 Under 60.5 Goals -105

There are also player prop bets for sports betting fans to consider. These will either present a wager on an individual player's performance in any given game, or perhaps put it up against another player's output. So let/s consider NBA star LeBron James. There could be a prop bet involving his total points for a game:

LeBron James over 26.5 pts -140 LeBron James over 26.5 pts +110

Or he may be measured against another player - maybe one opposing him in a game, such as Carmelo Anthony, where there is a point spread attached:

LeBron James -1.5 -115 Carmelo Anthony +1.5 -105

So James would be a 1.5-point favourite over Anthony as far as individual point total is concerned, and you would be paying a slightly higher price with him.

Prop bets can be great fun, and if you listen to many sports betting professionals, there is the possibility of extracting an advantage over the house. But you have to make them a careful study! Also, keep in mind that mobile casinos often have the best odds and some interesting bonus deals that cannot be found in the regular offer of bookmakers. To see how mobile sports betting works smoothly and efficiently, go for the Mr Green Casino app download and start earning on your favorite sport, be it football, basketball or any other sport listed in the offer of this renowned casino.

Craziest Prop Bets of Poker Players

Some prop bets are out of the gaming world. People are betting on the activities of famous poker players outside the game. One of the most unforgettable prop bets in the history is the attempt of Mike Noori to eat $1,000 worth of McDonald's food within one and half day or 36 hours. Since this deal is physically impossible to do, Noori failed the challenge. However, this prop bet was able to raise $14,000, which was donated to a charity.

The tattoo challenge among Joe Sebok, Jeff Madsen, and Gavin Smith is quite interesting. The loser should get tattooed and design should be the face of his winning opponent. Gavin won the game so he didn't have to get inked, while Sebok and Madsen had a face of Gavin on their skins.

Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow had a challenge to lose pounds. Forrest bet $50,000 that he can lose 48lbs within four months and another $100,000 that he can do the challenge in two months. The famous poker player starved himself for ten days and was able to accomplish the goal few days before reaching the two-month benchmark.

Outrageous Prop Bets in Super Bowl

Casinos can also let you bet on the appearance of Giselle Bundchen, the beautiful wife of Tom Brady, during the live television broadcast. You may also bet on how many times Trump will be mentioned during the telecast. To add thrill and fun in your game, there are more prop bets that you can try found at zodiaccasinos.net and other gaming sites online.. Even the colour of Gatorade that will be splashed over the winning coach is being used for prop bet.

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