Parlay Bets

Parlay bets are a typle of sports bet that are pretty easy to understand and they can be quite profitable when one. In a parlay bet you are betting on multiple games and all of them have to be winners for you to win the bet. In a parlay bet you will have to bet at least 2 games and the more games that you bet on the more the payout will be. You can make a parlay bet with many teams and you do not need to fork out a lot of dough to get a sweet payout. However, all the games have to be winners, which is why a parlay bet is not an easy one to win. Mobile casinos are the real deal if you are a beginner. They offer plenty of free cash bonuses, which is ideal for exploring all the betting options, and develop your strategy. MiamiClub Casino is one of the greatest gambling platforms that are mobile convenient, and you can get the full info here.

Since you can make a parlay bet using moneyline and point spread odds the payouts will be different for those bets. However, online you can find many parlay betting calculators to find out how much a payout will be depending on the spreads and moneylines for games. For typical parlay bets dealing with point spreads and totals the odds are usually 2 teams 13-5, 3 teams 6-1, 4 teams 10-1, 5 teams 25-1, 6 teams 40-1, 7 teams 75-1, 8 teams 150-1, 9 teams 300-1, and 10 teams 600-1> as you can see the odds will increase the more teams you bet in a game and with that comes a higher payout, but, as stated before, you have to win all of the games for the bet to be a winning one. There are sportsbooks online that you can find where you can lose one or even 2 of the games and the bet will be a winner. However, those odds are taken out of the wager so the payout will not be as big.

A good time to use parlay bets is when you think 2 or more teams will win. If that is the case why not make a parlay bet to get a bigger payout? Still, the bet is not an easy one to win and let's say you make a typical parlay bet for 8 games. You win the first 7, but lose the last one, so the bet is a losing one. Many times people wager on parlay bets for one sport, but there are books out there where you can make cross sports bets. For example you can bet on the Lions to beat the Redskins and the Celtics to beat the Lakers in a NFL/NBA cross sport bet. Also, you do not have to take the spread or moneyline when making parlay bets, as they have them available for totals as well. You can make a parlay totals bet or make one with both the spread, or moneyline, and totals, but it is a parlay so you will have to wager on multiple games.